Robert M. Lucas

Realizing the Public Value of Learning


I’m a doctoral candidate at Stanford University’s School of Education, where I study curriculum, teacher education, educational technology, history education, and the learning sciences. In 2003 I received a bachelor’s degree in Social Studies from Harvard University. From 2003-2005, I taught 6th grade social studies in Rocky Mount, North Carolina, as a member of Teach for America.  In 2006, I earned a master’s in Technology, Innovation, and Education from Harvard’s Graduate School of Education, where I also held a Reynolds Fellowship in Social Entrepreneurship. I grew up in Marion, Indiana and am returning there to conduct dissertation research.

I’m strongly sympathetic to movements with names like Open Educational Resources, participatory culture, Open Access academic research, and Free and Open Source Software. But I believe that in education, our most pressing need is to reconceive of education, not as consumption but rather as the production of public knowledge, culture, and material artifacts. If the implications are immediately obvious, don’t worry.  I’ll extend and explore the idea, here.

This blog is not my dissertation–not exactly.  But I’m blogging as I research and write in order to to sharpen my ideas, connect them to current events and conversations, and keep the thoughts and words flowing.

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